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Primary B NL March 6

Spring is here in NW Arkansas. Unsure of what happened to winter, but being able to get outside and play for most of it was fantastic. The children are riding the spring wave as well. This time of year in a primary Montessori classroom we really begin to notice the growth and development of the […]

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Maps in Primary

December 2016 – Primary Article

The holiday season has begun, but the primary children are keeping themselves busy with work! Since the beginning of the school year, they have developed greater levels of concentration, learned to work more independently, and gained skills to resolve conflicts with their peers in peaceful manners. Students are independently choosing the lessons they have been […]

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Toddler Program | Walnut Farm


Normalization occurs when the children’s unconscious energies are allowed to develop freely without obstacles. In approximately six to eight weeks, the children will be able to work in their environment free of deviations, such as missing home or feeling unsure in a new environment with a different routine. When this occurs, their minds and bodies […]

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