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Primary A

As I look back at this school year, it amazes me how much the children have grown in teamwork, independence, and concentration. The older children became leaders and took their responsibility as role models actively, and the younger children learned how to seek for help and guidance not only from adults, but from their older peers. During the normalization period, the children smoothly became independent learners and this was strengthened through the prepared Montessori environment. As they have grown in independence, their concentration has deepened and this has helped the classroom to become a strong learning environment.

It has been a wonderful journey through this 2016-17 school year, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with these children. I am also immensely thankful for the parent community’s continuous support. Although it is hard to say goodbye, I would like to wish the best to those who are starting new adventures next year, and to those who will be returning to Primary A next year, I’m excited to continue being a part of your Montessori journey.

Azusa Crawford
Primary A Lead Guide


Primary B

There was so much growth this year in Classroom B. We started the year with only 1 hesitant reader and now we have a third of the class sounding out words!! Kristy and I witnessed many smiling faces after successful completions of the 100 board, and many others found new adventures in the I Spy game. We regularly created food as a class, and enjoyed many nature walks where we took moments to listen in silence to see what nature was saying to us. It has been an exciting year.


Primary C

As I was walking away from the school to my car the other day I was met at the play yard fence with the sound of “Ms. Jamie, Ms. Jamie, Ms. Jamie” and I was reminded once again why I love this work. Children love so unconditionally. They are forgiving, growing, open to thought, funny, literal and wonderful little humans. Who doesn’t want to be around that all day?

This year our classroom was fun, energetic and full of love. We all worked tirelessly creating a safe and joyful atmosphere of learning. No matter the choice your child made, it was a lesson. Human development is amazing to watch and be a part. The children all worked on creating friendships, learning what it means to be a friend. Each child comes to the classroom with different skills and attitudes, and soon learn that they have their own thoughts and become aware they are in charge of their choices. Then we get to add all the academic choices your children get to choose. This is the magic of Montessori. We learned a lot this year, but the main theme throughout the year was about community. I adore your children and wish them well on their new adventures, and look forward to seeing my returning friends next school year. Thanks for the memories, and enjoy your summer break.