Summer Ideas From Lower Elementary

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Summer Ideas From Lower Elementary

The children have been busy with reports this month in Elementary!  They wrapped up their weather research with group reports on severe weather, and they completed reports on countries and animals of Asia.  On May 5, the children enjoyed watching “The Painted Garden” at Walton Arts Center and enjoyed lunch out at a Mexican restaurant.  Ms. Ana has been working with them on how to order in Spanish, so they got to try it out on Cinco de Mayo!  During our final days together, we are making stepping-stones for our labyrinth, decorating t-shirts, and enjoying some extended time outside.

It is hard to believe that the school year is coming to a close and that summer is at our doorstep.  Ms. Mary and I want to thank all of you for a wonderful school year!  It has been a pleasure assisting your children as they grow.  We look forward to seeing many students return next year, and those of you who are going to new adventures, please stay in touch.  We love to hear how our alumni kids are doing!

As summer approaches, Ms. Mary and I thought you might like a few ideas to keep the kids actively engaged in learning.  Below are some ideas.

  • Go for walks in the woods: Keep nature journals, Look up flora and fauna that you cannot name, practice moments of stillness and silence in nature.
  • Research something of interest to your child. Facilitate the collection of information by visiting the local library and supervised Internet research.
  • Participate in the local library’s summer reading program.
  • Increase your child’s responsibilities at home and hold them accountable for their contribution to the family’s needs.
  • Read aloud to them. A good rule of thumb is to choose a book that is 3 years above their age level. For a list of Newbery awarded books visit:
  • Have them choose a chapter book to read and then report to the family in their own style, (diorama, comic book, acting it out as a play, etc.)
  • Help your child choose a play or poem that they can memorize and perform with or for family and friends.
  • Don’t forget the power of free time. Children, especially today need time to be “bored”!  Remember daydreaming and looking up at the clouds?  Quiet moments of reflection, dreaming, and contemplation are necessary for knowing yourself and happiness.

We hope your summer is fun and relaxing! See you in August!

Ms. Lynette and Ms. Mary