The Closing of a Most Unusual Year

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The Closing of a Most Unusual Year

When I first stepped into this role almost a year ago, the tasks were large and filled with many unknowns.  It was not just because this position was a new experience for me, but also because of the unknowns facing our school due to COVID-19. We did not know if we would need to close classrooms or buildings, and how many for how long.  We didn’t know that staff would remain safe from the clutches of the virus and the side-effects it can cause.  We did not know when a vaccine would be available.  We just consulted and planned the best that we could for this most uncertain and unusual year.  The only thing I felt certain of when offered the job was that I needed to take this position and we needed to find a safe way to reopen our school!

Now, looking back on this year, I see much growth and resilience in all the people around me, myself included! As a school leader, I could not have even hoped for the outcome that is before us at the closing of this school-year.  In the midst of it all, we just did what we needed to do.  Staff followed our procedures to the best of their ability, while teachers worked to provide an authentic Montessori education to the children in the midst of COVID protocols.  Parents, you remained careful to follow our guidelines.  You shared and asked questions when you were uncertain, and sent your children into our doors knowing that it was what the children needed, but worried of what we could not predict.

And now, here we are with summer at our threshold and hope and “normalcy” within our grasp!  In the poem The Hill We Climb, Amanda Gorman beautifully wraps up my feelings of the year.  She states, “And yet the dawn is ours before we knew it. Somehow, we do it.”

Thank you for your kindness and support of me in this position. Thank you for allowing us to care for and help educate your children. Thank you for the faith you have placed in this community and Walnut Farm.

In gratitude and peace,