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A Visit from Marta Donahoe By Heather Gray   Teacher preparation, training, accreditation and continued professional development for the educator are at the foundation of

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Wow, it’s already the end of the school year. There has been so much growth in the Toddler community. The toddler who was once crying to come to the unknown now comes in with such self-confidence that he is ready to take on the day. Our older friends are mastering the skills needed to transition to the primary in the fall. It has been so rewarding to witness the increase in concentration and independence throughout the school year. Their physical, language, social and emotional growth have flourished. There have been friendships formed that will last throughout the years at Walnut Farm.

We are thankful for the sensory path that was made in the fall. The toddlers enjoy walking and running on the sensory path. It is also fun for them to touch with their hands. The rain barrel has also been a great accessory for watering plants and water play. Outside time is always beneficial for their developing needs. “The outdoors offers limitless potential to young children. It becomes a place where they can go to relax their mind, to be inspired, and to dive deep into a world of imagination. It’s a place where they can design, create, and explore. The possibilities are endless. Time and time again, studies show that when children have free play outdoors, they become better problem solvers and their creativity is enhanced” (Hamilton 2014).

Sandpaper letters and numbers have been a great addition to their work this school year. They enjoy using their senses and exploring with them. As Maria Montessori said herself, “He does it with his hands, by experience, first in play and then through work. The hands are the instruments of man’s intelligence.”

It has been a wonderful school year. Your children bring us so much joy! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of these precious years.