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We are very excited about the new school year.  It has been a pleasure getting to know all of our new families and having our returning families back with us again.  We always enjoy observing the growth that takes place in an environment made to encourage development to the fullest potential.

Our toddler friends have been busy these past few weeks meeting new friends, learning about their new environment and becoming familiar with all of the different materials in the classroom. The returning toddlers are now our role models and are doing a great job showing the younger children the process of our day.  This is another one of the benefits of the Montessori philosophy.

Toddlers are at an age where separation can be challenging.  For many of our friends, this is their first time to be away from mom and dad for an extended amount of time.  “Separation is a necessary process that occurs throughout life. It starts with birth and evolves with each new experience. Separation for the young child can be an experience of successful mastery or of frustrating failure, and it can have a lasting effect on how the child will handle similar challenges in later life. Sometimes it can be difficult letting go of your child. Keep in mind that he/she will go through many challenges in life and you cannot always be a participant.” (Pilar Higginbotham)

We want to make saying “bye bye” a positive experience.  Children can sense when their parents feel uneasy about “letting go”.  Have confidence that this will be their home away from home.  We are ready with open arms for tears and sadness.  Show happiness in the mornings before arrival. “Be positive. Help your child understand that he/she is leaving you to experience something wonderful. Discuss all the fun activities that will occur – not how much you will miss each other. Make your parting short and sweet. “I’ll be back later. Have fun!” Do not dramatize the moment with excessive hugs and kisses.” (Pilar Higginbotham)

Maintain routine.  Toddlers are still learning concept of time therefore consistency is very important.  Give yourself and your child time for the mornings.  Rushed mornings can be stressful.

“Handling separation in a positive way reinforces the love between you and your child by giving the message that with each challenge toward independence, your love is as solid and dependable as ever, even when you are apart.” (Pilar Higginbotham)

Thank you for sharing your lovely children with us.