Upper and Lower Elementary Programs

The Lower and Upper Elementary Communities

The Lower Elementary program serves children ages 6-9 and the Upper Elementary program serves children 9-12, providing an academic continuum for the advancing Montessori student. Lower elementary teachers create learning opportunities that allow students to experience an increased level of academic challenge and responsibility. The classroom is carefully prepared and speaks to the 11 human tendencies for discovery and learning, as identified by Maria Montessori: orientation, order, exploration, communication, activity, manipulation, work, repetition, exactness, abstraction, and perfection. These programs capitalizes on the love of learning cultivated during the primary years and offers a dynamic learning environment that promotes independence, collaboration, exploration and experimentation. While concepts continue to be introduced through concrete materials, students begin moving toward abstract learning. Classroom projects are often student-led and inquiry-based, requiring the children to demonstrate understanding in a variety of ways. The combination of the integrated Montessori curriculum and the inspirational, respectful classroom atmosphere creates a joyful learning environment that primes children for life-long learning success.

Lower Elementary Highlights:

  • Concrete and abstract learning opportunities
  • Weekly work plans help students track progress and develop time management skills
  • Integrated curriculum opportunities that span across curriculum areas: mathematics including geometry and fractions, language studies that comprise of grammar, syntax, spelling, word study, reading and writing mechanics. Also presented and researched are history, physics, biology, cultural and physical geography
  • Lower Elementary studies also include biology, zoology, world cultures, geography, history, geometry, continent studies, and environmental studies
  • Field trips and guest speakers enhance the curriculum
  • Spanish small group lessons several times each week
  • Art and music opportunities are incorporated weekly within the curriculum
  • P.E. and student community service projects weekly
  • Opportunities to sharpen conflict resolution skills through peace talks, behavior reflections, class meetings and voting opportunities

Upper Elementary Highlights:

  • Small Group size and opportunities for one-on-one lessons
  • Differentiated Curriculum that allows children to work within their zone of proximal development across all subject areas
  • Field trips designed with Scope and Sequence that allow for children to participate in long range planning and execution
  • Service Learning that develops the value of stewardship
  • Extensive Independent Studies that allows for Project work and In depth independent research
  • Continued hands-on work with materials that builds clear understanding of tremendously abstract concepts, like algebra and geometry

Our Elementary students attend Monday-Friday from 7:40 a.m. -3:00 p.m.

Enrollment Requirements for the  Elementary Program – Previously enrolled Montessori children will enter the elementary program dependent on their developmental readiness. Children from outside the Montessori environment are eligible to go through the elementary application process after approval from the Head of School. The school carefully weighs a variety of factors when making admission decisions to the elementary program. Previous school records and recommendations are required. Prior grade achievement test scores, conduct reports and attendance records will be taken into consideration. Prospective students will be asked to visit the elementary classroom prior to enrollment.