Transitioning to Lower Elementary

The transition in a Montessori school from the Primary level to the Lower Elementary is particularly remarkable, and requires our special attention. Maria Montessori developed an educational model to offer information and experiences during the times when it matches the child’s actual interests and ability to easily learn material.  Typically, readiness for this transition happens […]

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The Importance Of The Three-year Cycle

Last week, the afternoon work cycle students (third-year students) and I were looking at the photos I keep in the classroom kitchen. They are the class photos from the past four years. As they chatted about those images, I thought of the first year of the current kindergarteners: how much they have grown physically, how […]

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Transitioning to Primary

Why are ages 18 months – 36 months grouped together in the Toddler environments? The new toddler has a peer to relate to, look up to, and observe in their new environment. The three-year old thrives on being a leader and helping younger students. It may be the first time this child is considered a […]

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Progress, Transition and Change

“A child who has become master of his acts through long and repeated exercises, and who has been encouraged by the pleasant and interesting activities in which he has been engaged, is a child filled with health and joy and remarkable for his calmness and discipline.” – Maria Montessori January is the month where teachers […]

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Fantasy and Imagination

In The Absorbent Mind, about the second plane of development Maria Montessori says, “…it is a period of growth unaccompanied by other change. The child is calm and happy. Mentally, he is in a state of health, strength, and assured stability.” There is also a newfound focus on the society, goodness, rules, and social constructs. […]

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Normalization period

As the weeks have rapidly passed we have learned more and more about your children. Each child, in very different ways, has opened up to us – some quickly, some slowly – revealing a person, a personality. It is a joy to learn about (your) little humans and the potential they bring to our lives […]

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Sensitive period

As every parent knows, it takes only the smallest change to throw a toddler’s day out of whack.  A missed nap, a smaller-than-usual breakfast, a visiting relative, a move out of the crib and into a bed are all enough to disturb a child’s natural sense of order and routine. Even something like reading a […]

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Reflections on The New Year

By Heather Gray The New Year is a contemplative time for many people.  It is a reminder that, wherever we find ourselves, we may begin anew again and again.  Over the holiday break, I found myself reading poetry by John O’Donohue.  O’Donohue was an Irish poet and author; he was also a priest who is […]

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Reading Aloud to Your Children

By Curriculum Specialist Heather Incao   Parents often ask what they can do at home to support their child at school. Always, the first answer to my mind is to read aloud to their children. Read often and to all ages from birth into the teen years. Making time to read aloud to your child […]

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